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Best Tennis Player Of All Time

Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of All Time (English Edition) eBook: Bercow, John: Kindle-Shop. /01/19 - The best tennis player of all time. IMHO. I love you, John. Select ATP tennis tour rankings for any week for any player, and even show just Sampras ( weeks) for second place in the all-time list of most weeks in top.

Greatest Tennis Players of All Time

Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of All Time (English Edition) eBook: Bercow, John: Kindle-Shop. Despite the challenge, here is my list of the ten greatest male tennis players of the Open Era - to Rod Laver is the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time. Select ATP tennis tour rankings for any week for any player, and even show just Sampras ( weeks) for second place in the all-time list of most weeks in top.

Best Tennis Player Of All Time 25. Andy Roddick Video

100 Greatest of All Time 10-1(TC)

In the history of those early Majors, only one player won all three in the same year, Anthony Wilding , arguably the first world champion.

During a period of 40 years, only two players achieved the calendar Pro Grand Slam in the history of the professional tour, Ken Rosewall and Laver Prior to , only amateurs could enter the Grand Slam tournaments.

This was changed in , after which both professionals and amateurs could compete for the tennis Majors.

There are also several other facets to take into consideration in defining great tennis players, such as winning all calendar year Majors consecutively on offer at the time World Champs and Pro Slams on three different surfaces.

Only those same three players did so not only by surface, [15] but also different environments indoors and outdoors. When the Professional Majors were abolished in , the Grand Slam Majors were still only being played on two exclusive surfaces, grass and clay.

In , the US Open switched surface to a hardcourt thus re-creating a third unique surface. This is arguably the best date in defining the beginning of the Modern Era of tennis.

Only one other player has achieved the new term, a "Surface Slam", winning three consecutive Majors on three distinct surfaces, that being Rafael Nadal in These are some of the important records since the start of the first Grand Slam tournament held at The Wimbledon Championships.

All statistics are based on data provided by the ATP Tour website, [16] [17] the ITF [18] and other available sources, even if this isn't a complete list due to the time period involved.

The career achievement of winning all four major championships during a players career is termed a " Career Grand Slam ". A players who holds all four major titles in one calendar year has achieved the ' Grand Slam'.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All-time tennis records — men's singles , covers the period from to present. Before the beginning of the Open Era in April , only amateurs were allowed to compete in established tennis tournaments, including the four Grand Slams also known as the Majors.

Beginning in and continuing to the present day, all four Majors have been played yearly, with the exception of during the two World Wars, for the Australian Open, and for Wimbledon.

There was no prize money and players were compensated for travel expenses only. A player who wins all four Majors, in singles or as part of a doubles team, in the same calendar year is said to have achieved a "Grand Slam".

If the player wins all four consecutively, but not in the same calendar year, it is called a "Non-Calendar Year Grand Slam". Winning all four at some point in a career, even if not consecutively, is referred to as a "Career Grand Slam".

Winning the four Majors and a gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics in the same calendar year has been called a "Golden Slam" since They played in separate professional events and were banned from competing any of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

They mostly competed on pro tours involving head-to-head competition, but also in professional tournaments as the biggest events on the pro tour.

These tournaments held with a certain tradition and longevity. Pro Tennis Championships , played at a variety of different venues and on a variety of different surfaces, between and , although it was no longer a Major after Between and , the U.

Pro was played indoors in Cleveland and was called the World Professional Championships. The most prestigious of the three was generally the Wembley Championship.

Played between and , at the Wembley Arena in England , it was unofficially usually considered the world's championship until The third professional major was the French Pro Championship , played between and , on the clay courts of Roland Garros , apart from —, when it was played on the indoor wood courts of Stade Coubertin.

The Open Era of tennis began in , when the Grand Slam tournaments agreed to allow professional players to compete with amateurs. A professional tennis tour was created for the entire year, where everyone could compete.

This meant that the division that had existed for many years between these two groups had finally come to an end, which made the tennis world into one unified competition.

Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic. Pete Sampras. Roy Emerson. Rod Laver. Björn Borg. Bill Tilden. Fred Perry.

Ken Rosewall. Jimmy Connors. Ivan Lendl. Andre Agassi. Andy Murray. Fabrice Santoro. Mikhail Youzhny. Fernando Verdasco. Lleyton Hewitt.

Philipp Kohlschreiber. David Ferrer. Andreas Seppi. Don Budge. Rod Laver 2. Go for it No1e! Rafa now knows after thrashing Djokovic in the French Open Final, that the way to beat Djokovic is for Nadal to be aggressive with his strokes from the start, thereby not letting Djokovic dictate play with his ball placement.

The great Rafa Nadal is a massive 3 Grand Slam singles titles ahead of Djokovic and they both started around the same time. Vamos Rafa! Rafa has won 7 Grand Slam singles titles away from clay, the same number of Grand Slam singles titles that the great John McEnroe won in his whole career.

Therefore, Rafa is determined to win more Grand Slam singles titles away from clsy as he definitely has the game to do it. Table of Contents.

Related Posts. Aussie Tennis Fan October 12, Mr Anthony Mccluskey December 30, Both Rafael and roger won gold at the Rio Olympics?

Sure this was actually Andy Murray…. SportyTell December 31, Mary Simpson December 30, Oluseyi Folorunso December 31, Jay December 30, Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

We have updated this post accordingly. Precy January 1, Tennis Fan January 13, Rafamania October 12, It's just about impossible to get it by him.

Djokovic's victory over Federer in the Wimbledon final made him -- not Rafael Nadal -- the first man to defeat Federer at all four Grand Slams.

Djokovic has also eclipsed the rapidly fading Nadal as the active player with the best chance to eclipse Federer for best ever, even if he has far to go in the major title tally 12 to Federer's It doesn't hurt that Djokovic has a slight advantage in head-to-head matches against both Federer and Nadal I watched him play in Australia.

I was amazed at his energy and presence. He makes his opponents feel that. One of the biggest forehands in the game. Probably, mentally the strongest player out there, always a positive attitude when he's on the court.

He never, ever stops running. He's a pit bull, always coming after you, chewing on your leg and never letting go. When Nadal defeated Roger Federer in at Federer's beloved Wimbledon in one of the greatest matches ever played -- it took 4 hours, 48 minutes to complete between rain delays -- Nadal proved he was more than a clay-court wonder.

That match gave him Slam defeats of Federer on hard courts and grass. Nadal's career record against Federer has also created a perplexing question: How can Federer be considered the greatest ever when his results are so lopsided versus Nadal?

The toughest player mentally. You never knew what she was thinking or what strategy she was going to choose. As a teenager, Evert proved her upset of time Slam winner Margaret Court in was no fluke when she tore to the US Open finals opposite Billie Jean King at age 16 to become an overnight sensation.

He has been one of the greatest players in the history of the game. A very gifted, talented genius -- but with a temper, which had benefits at times and maybe not at times.

He was a guy you wanted to watch. Even today, I enjoy watching him play. Adjectives don't do McEnroe justice. To describe him as boisterous, combative, fiery and controversial would be a start.

McEnroe was known for his rivalries with Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors, and his loss to Borg in a fifth-set tiebreaker at the Wimbledon final is one of the most famed matches in history.

McEnroe went against Connors in Grand Slam events, and they split two meetings in the Wimbledon finals. McEnroe holds the men's record with tournament wins in the Open era: 77 in singles and 72 in doubles.

Very tough to play against, a top competitor. You just have to be on top of your game. I always had trouble with left-handers. I was always very wary of them.

He always presented a lot of issues. Connors surged to the top of the tennis world in , when he won the first three Grand Slam events of his career at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

He was barred from competing at the French Open for signing a contract with the World Team Tennis circuit, which cost him a chance at the Grand Slam.

However, he embarked on a streak of weeks as the No. Connors still holds the men's career record for most singles tournament wins, with Maybe one of, if not the best, strikers of the ball ever.

Hits the ball very clean, taking time away from the opponent. A great competitor, a great mover. Just a smart player. He knew his capabilities and his opponents' weaknesses.

He loved having a target when guys came in. He would pass you every time. Greatness was predicted for Agassi even before he turned pro at age He proved worthy of the hype six years later, when he won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in Agassi, seeded No.

Agassi was a flashy pitchman who made a major splash in the endorsement world. He went on to win seven more Grand Slam singles championships, two Davis Cup titles and an Olympic gold medal.

Very aggressive. She always wanted to be at the net. She had, I think, the most technically sound volleys of anyone in that era.

She was a great competitor, fearless out there. Margaret Court is the greatest tennis player of all time.

Seles was on target to be the greatest winner of Grand Slam singles titles before being stabbed. Yes, Seles never won Wimbledon but she could have.

Congratulations Monica Seles on a magnificent tennis career. Hey Nick and Harry I don't think you have ever seen Hingis steering the ball against power hitters?

Tennis is a game or TUG of war? Where power is everything Who so ever has mentioned Hingis as one of the greats i totally Agree with them How can you say Nick that Hingis would lose her nerve against Williams when she has a equal winning streak against both and perhaps better when combined Despite lack of power if she dominated tennis and for that matter gave William sisters a run for their money, she needs to be applauded And Harry Hingis has carved a niche in Tennis world which can't be denied by mere your words bro.

So please learn to give credit where it is due. Rest i am always of the opinion that Navratilova was, is and will be Greatest of All until someone comes up with same level of consistency.

Hingis would lose her shit when she came up against a power hitter in grand slam finals. She would lose all composure and I always thought she lost her nerve and was too afraid to get back to singles.

When she was younger she was so precise and consistent but then players figured her out and they learnt to wear her down with power.

Seles what a tragedy she was easily better than Graf. A fit Justine was better than Serena. Martina Hingis never won the French Open.

No way Jose! Monica Seles was a better player than Steffi Graf. Seles was consistently beating Graf in Grand Slam singles finals before Seles was stabbed.

Graf had it easy when Seles was forced off the tour. Seles was on target to be the greatest female singles players of all time.

The winner of the greatest female tennis player of all time is Margaret Court with 64 Grand Slam titles, including 24 in singles and 40 in doubles and mixed doubles inclusive.

Steffi Graf is with no doubt about it the Best player of all time. I agree with Bundalo. Not only Evert but Seles also had short span, before her stabbing, to gain huge success even i agree with thise who say so for Hingis.

Where as Serena having a Long span, power, built, fitness gadgets, advanced rackets should not be compared with all other greats. William sisters should have their own catagory Probably comprising of these two and few male players probably.

No disrespect plzzz Infact its a way of respecting them in their own right. You cannot go by feel, court earned her wins and in afar shorter period of time, serena is nasty, all this nonsense about her being big hearted, is bull, you saw how she abused that umpire, am glad that she was fined.

Nevertheless, Court should retain her number 1 position because the statistics say so. Is power the criteria for being GOAT? Or is it the Game?

In either of the cases Martina Hingis despite the fact that she lacked power had Great Game. She for me is GOAT.

Petite, Frail, short heighted Yet Robust and a Champion Hingis was a great champion but lacked physical power. It's rare to see someone retiring at Seles had to leave due to stabbing and Hingis due to injuries and lack of power.

As far as game and being a player is considered I think Hingis surely falls in top 5. There are no awards given out for the greatest female tennis player of all time.

You simply cannot compare different eras of tennis. When all these great players have retired, the history books will show who has won the greatest amount of Grand Slam singles titles and the greatest number of Grand Slam titles overall.

What anyone says is irrelevant compared to history. The main awards are trophies given to players who have won Grand Slam titles.

What is this obsession of people with Serena? I still Dnt get it Why because she had a longer duration to play? More fitness gadgets to go with?

How can somebody possibly put her ahead of Margaret court? And even Navratilova or Evert or Graff for that matter So stop beating about the bush and all those who did not even watch Margaret play are simply denying her greatness As saying goes "out of sight out of mind" Serena still playing so it's easy to get impressed but that doesn't make her Greatest of all.

After Margaret Court, who is the greatest female tennis player of all time with 64 Grand Slam titles 24 in singles, 19 in doubles and 21 in mixed doubles , the second greatest female tennis player of all time is Martina Navratilova, who has 59 Grand Slam titles 18 in singles, 31 in doubles, and 10 in mixed doubles.

This is also why I think Monica Seles was one of the greatest players of all time, because she won 8 Grand Slam singles titles while she was still only 19 before tragedy struck.

She could have been the greatest female tennis player of all time, with the greatest number of Grand Slam singles titles, if not for that horrific incident when she was only Yet, she still managed to win 1 more Grand Slam singles title after that, a truly remarkable achievement.

Serve is not everything! Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray were not for their big serves. Margaret Court could play every shot extremely well.

Her record alone in Grand Slam singles, Grand Slam doubles and Grand Slam mixed doubles makes her the greatest female tennis player of all time. No distrespect to Serena, but she never had to play with a wooden racquet against the great Margaret Court!

With no disrespect to Margaret Court, but she never had to face serves from Serena Williams at m.

Margaret Court is the greatest female tennis player of all time. Congratulations Margaret! O yeah just read few comments here. N glad to know people still talk sense.

I also have same opinion that Monica Seles was a rage before that sad sad incident which not only harmed her but to the Tennis game also as it deprived this game of a well celebrated chapter in its legacy But on other hand I also feel sad for Martina Hingis as she was also a true beauty in game but lasted very short owing to less power and non serious attitude towards fitness I hope all sane tennis lovers wd agree to it.

I believe facing Monica was like having to step in the batters box against Nolan Ryan or putting with Tiger Woods 10 feet away from you.

Almost like stepping up against Tyson. Take away the tragedy, and IFF she could stay healthy for many years, she could have slaughtered the record book.

But, because that's a big "if", and Martina did slaughter it, for many years, so Martina must be my choice. Very, very, very few players could step on the court with either one of these two, and say, "I might have a shot.

Against Chris? I think possibly. So there. Oh -- wait Although Monica Seles may have ended up with the most Grand Slam singles titles had she not been stabbed, Margaret Court is definitely the best female tennis player of all time, because not only did she win 24 Grand Slam singles titles, she won many other Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles, which is why Serena Williams and Martina Navratilova should also be ranked highly, because Serena and Martina were great singles and doubles players too, whereas Chris Evert and Steffi Graf hardly played doubles.

Someone like Ash Barty of today, has a better sliced backhand than Steffi Graf. The reason why Monica Seles is also the best player of all time was that she was regularly beating Steffi Graf, one of the other best players of all time, before she was stabbed.

I would have to say Monica Seles. She would have ended up with the most Grand Slam singles titles, had she not been stabbed.

Maureen Connolly would be my next choice, had she not had a horse riding accident. Well Serena Had the power But Steffi and Hingis had court sense like none other My God still remember how Hingis being not fit so well used to rally those balls everywhere Class apart Then come Graff, Evert, Serena and Hingis on the list.

A lot of great tennis players have come and gone over the years. Ever wonder who is considered the greatest of all time?

Here is my list of the top ten greatest men's tennis players of the Open Era. Novak Djokovic is on top of the tennis world. Fresh off of his eighth Australian Open Tennis title, Djokovic is currently the top ranked player in the world.

History and trivia on Australia's biggest tennis tournament. Who are the 10 best basketball players of all time? Is Michael Jordan still number one?

Do the basketball superstars of today make it on the list? We'll also looks at some honorable mentions and best players by position.

This article tell you all you need to know about Wimbledon. You don't have to be an avid tennis fan to sound like you know what you're talking about.

Plan ahead to get fairly priced tickets for next summer's Wimbledon championships. There are four primary styles of singles play in tennis: aggressive baseliner, serve-and-volleyer, counterpuncher, and all-court player.

For each style, I describe the key strategies you can employ to beat them. Many talented football soccer players have graced the pitch, yet some seem to escape the memories of today's fans.

Here's a list of who I consider to be the 10 most underrated players. Here are the top 10 best football soccer players of all time, including Maradona, Pele and Cruyff.

I have included YouTube videos to showcase the players' skills. The "Big Four" have dominated the rest of the field in tennis, but the dynamic within that group is constantly changing.

This article examines the ups and downs of Roger Federer's career over time. Team Sports. American Football. Individual Sports. Competitive Cycling.

Martial Arts. Competitive Swimming. Pro Wrestling. Fantasy Sports. The Olympics. Animal Sports. Related Stories. By Bill De Giulio. By Malia J.

By John Bullock.

The Serb needs nine more months on the ATP throne to become the record holder and pass Roger Federer who stands on All about tennis, livescores, rankings, players pages, draws, and more Baden-Baden Casino. They Nahaufnahme Englisch two children — Jaden Gil and Jaz Elle.
Best Tennis Player Of All Time Margaret Court. You never knew what she was thinking or what strategy she was going Www.Casinorewards.Com/Bigwin choose. Billie Jean King. From —Rod Laver held the number 1 spot in the world rankings. I love her game, but she is not quite to the top 10 all-time yet. He is currently ranked no. The man dubbed the Rocket was invincible at the commencement of the Open era, Www.M2p.Com even before Csgo Skin Case Open era, began inRod Laver had already become a household name in the world of tennis. Indeed a formidable player, but with so many great players over just the Eckstoß fifty years, I think Sharapova is more a top 15 all-time player. Grand Slam singles statistics mean everything. Major Ritchie. Vic Seixas. Chris Evert to Steffi Graff and even the Williams sisters have all played predominately from behind the baseline. But his arrogance could be excused — his record speaks for itself. We have updated this post Andy Ruiz Vs Anthony Joshua.
Best Tennis Player Of All Time The top 3 ATP ranked players as of February are all above 30, with Roger Federer being 38 years of age, Rafael Nadal being 33, and Novak Djokovic being Making a list of the greatest tennis players of all time is certainly a challenging task. The game has changed so much, and the racquets, in particular, have turned the modern game into something vastly different from the past. With that being said, one of the best ways to compare players is to look at grand slam totals. Rafael Nadal is unquestionably the greatest clay court player of all time. In fact, his dominance on clay may be the most dominant thing in any sport-ever. Of his 84 titles, 60 are on clay. Of his 19 majors, 12 are French Opens. Sampras' victory at Wimbledon arguably established him as the greatest male player of all time (until Roger Federer eclipsed him). Roger Federer can easily be considered one of the top tennis players of all time. Born in Switzerland in , this year-old player became a professional player in and is still winning titles today (like Wimbledon in ).

Du kannst Best Tennis Player Of All Time immer an das Kundenservice-Team wenden, Sheriff Gaming sowie Cryptologic via NYX bereitgestellt. - Discussion

Along with Poker Ohne Anmelden Boris Becker, Graf was considered instrumental in popularizing tennis in Germany, where it has remained a highly popular sport ever since. Nadal and Djokovic are the. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of all Time: Amazon.​de: Bercow, John: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of All Time (English Edition) eBook: Bercow, John: Kindle-Shop. 1. Roger Federer, 2. Rafael Nadal, 3. Steffi Graf, 4. Pete Sampras, 5. Martina Navratilova. 3/9/ · Roger Federer can easily be considered one of the top tennis players of all time. Born in Switzerland in , this year-old player became a professional player in and is still winning titles today (like Wimbledon in ). 2/6/ · In my opinion Nadal is the best of all time since his head to head against Fader is 60% and against Djokovic its just shy of 50% although Nadal holds the edge over Djokovic as he has more records and titles and Nadal is the player with the highest percentage of wins in history at 83%. 2/16/ · A list of the five best men's tennis players in the history of the sport. Advertisement The debate over the greatest men's tennis player of all time has been going on for a long while.


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